About the company


ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS, AB, one of the largest and most advanced milk processing companies in Lithuania, started its history in 1924. This year, almost a century ago, the Telšiai Dairy, located in the capital of Samogitia, which is situated on seven hills and surrounded by picturesque nature and which, according to a legend, in ancient times was founded by a giant, known as Džiugas, was opened. It operated at a very high capacity at the time and produced butter, cream, cottage cheese, and other dairy products.

Consulting with the best companies in Europe and the USA, and focused on introducing new technologies over the years, as well as using the most advanced membrane technology of milk purification, Bactocatch, has allowed the company to increase its variety of products and improve their quality. After having inspected ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS in 1995, the State Food and Veterinary Service of the Republic of Lithuania ascertained that the company meets all the veterinary requirements and granted the company State Veterinary Supervision Number LT 78-01 P by Order No. 4-104 “On Granting the Veterinary Supervision Number” of 20/07/1995.
The company’s many years of experience and unique formulas allow it to offer consumers a wide selection of products of excellent taste and high quality.